Stretch Mark Camouflage

This an advanced camouflage technique that has been mastered in Brazil and here at Immaculately Flawless we have been honored to be one of the very few to offer this in Florida and soon outside of Florida!

Here at Immaculately Flawless we use ONLY special needles and FDA approved pigments to neutralize & lighten the problem areas carefully and precisely.

Magic Enlightenment

Magic Enlightment Is a procedure without ink, which uses vitamins, special solutions, and most importantly technique. The procedure is to bring a natural healthy look to youth under eye dark circles, stretch marks, and scars. Basically, a concealer with NO side effects, yes! NO side effects.

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Complex medical tests
  • Early identification and intervention
  • Complex surgical interventions

In Memory of Gabriel Renaud

Gabriel Renaud was a American-Brazilian tattoo Camouflage Master and CEO of Magic Skintone INK. He was 5th in the world to apply under eye dark circles camouflage, certified by the creator Radolpho Torres. Also, first in the world to teach under eye dark circles in North America, Asia, and Europe! We would like to dedicate our success in camouflage to him. May he rest in heavenly peace.

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