Private Nursing Care

Recovering from surgery, regardless of the type, can be physically and emotionally challenging for someone. It may not be possible for family members to take the necessary time off of work to care for a loved one after surgery.

Recovery Assistants can be a big help Immaculately Flawless provides the support you need so that you can heal at home/Hotel/AirBnB.

Our Recovery Assistants can provide daily check-ups or around-the-clock care to ensure the utmost comfort during your post-surgical recovery.

Our Recovery Assistant can help identify post-surgical infections by providing the one-on-one attention you need, including wound care (done by our Nurse Practitioner), pain management, and patient and family education.

Recovery Assistants can also monitor the surgical site and immediately alert you if there are signs of post-surgical complications, reducing the risk of a hospital readmission.

We are committed to providing the highest quality, with the goal of a successful post-surgical recovery for the patient and their family.

Post-op Nursing Services

  • Patient and family education – review discharge instructions from Surgery Center/Office to ensure successful recovery
  • Surgical site care, including wound care (Done by our Nurse Practitioner)
  • Monitoring for signs and symptoms of infection
  • Pain medication management> administration of oral medications according to doctor’s orders

24-Hour Customer Service

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.